Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Americans - Out of Europe

It is my intention that these videos promote the frank and open discussion of the ancient history of the Americas. Identity politics has no place here. I simply wish to connect the dots of research findings which now tells a very different story than we were taught as children.

You will see that the citations offered in this video series come from many mainstream universities, as well as the Smithsonian Institution. Virtually every idea is sourced, as you can see in about 9 minutes in the Summary chapter.

The peopling of the Americas appears to be much more complex than we initially thought - and more interesting.

"First Americans - Out of Europe" does not mean to imply that this is the last word on the "first Americans" but that of the very early migrants to the Americas, Europeans were part of this group. The earliest evidence actually now points in the direction of Europe. These people have a right to have their story told.


Anonymous said...

Very good site thanks.


Weine Berg said...

Real tantalizing blog, i must say. Ill be back here...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thanks for all of your hard work!! When is part 22 coming?

trevor townsend said...

Mr. anonymous.

Thanks for your interest. Chapter 22 will come in 4 parts. The chapter on China and the story of the white Tocharians will be up approx. April 1st 2008.

New Zealand, Australia, Canary Islands, and Easter Island will also probably be up April 1st as well.

Egypt will be up approx. May 08.

Peru and South America as one chapter will be the last that I am working on. Probably will be ready around Aug 08.

These are all full screen DIVX files and can be downloaded if you go to the site they are stored on and run from -

All are freely down loadable.

thanks, TT

txaggievet said...

Great blog. I find it very interseting and informative. Keep posting new info.

FromSpain said...

Hi Mr. Townsend. I found this site some time ago and I think this amazing facts MUST be known. I'm really interested and I would collaborate with you in the task of spreading these ideas in the spanish speaking world. I've thought about cloning this site and translating it to spanish, but obviously I need to know you opinion about that. I will wait your response in these comments.

trevor townsend said...

To "FromSpain"

Thanks for your interest. Feel free to spread this message, or mirror/translate this site into Spanish. Keep me up with your progress.

'hasta luego' ..? (-:

T. Townsend

Fromspain said...

Thank you very much Mr Townsend. ;)

trevor townsend said...

Dear Fromspain,

Send me a link when you finish the translation, I would like to insert it into this blog. We have many Spanish speaking people on this side of the Atlantic who would probably be interested in this topic.



Anonymous said...

Great blog, this really made me change my mind about american history.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Discovery Channel documentary “Ice Age Columbus - Who Were the First Americans?”; someone really ought to make that documentary available for the masses ASAP through the wonderful possibilities offered by the internet when it comes to file sharing. I'd do it myself but the Discovery Channel Shop unfortunately doesn't ship to my country.