Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chapter 6 - Kennewick Man

It will often surprise the uninitiated, that Kennewick man’s remains are only one of about 15-20 other ancient Caucasoid finds in the Americas, nearly all dating older than the oldest “Indian” remains. This chapter includes quotes of anthropologist Dr. James Chatters referring to Kennewick man as Caucasoid and European. Other quotes form anthropologist Dr. Catherine Macmillan referring to Kennewick man as a “white guy.” Just look at the comparison of the actual Kennewick man skull with that of the typical Caucasoid and Mongoloid skulls. Whites, and Europeans are “Caucasoid” in skull shape whereas Indians are generally Mongoloid in skull shape and Asian in origin. Who does Kennewick man most resemble? Use your own eyes.

6. Kennewick Man from Trevor T. on Vimeo.

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