Sunday, January 13, 2008

22. Ancient White Migrations & Civilizations Around The World

Ancient Peru and South America – COMING SOON

New Zealand, Australia, Canary Islands, and Easter Island - COMING SOON
New Zealand, Easter Island, the Canary Islands all have remains which suggest evidence of whites in these areas into ancient times, and possibly before the arrival of the so-called indigenous peoples. Australia also had other genetically unrelated modern humans who lived in Australia before the so-called indigenous Aboriginal Australians. Many of these places have laws which allow unrelated so-called “indigenous” peoples to bury unrelated remains, thereby covering up evidence which disproves that they were “first” or indigenous. Fortunately, enough information already exists to allow intellectually curious people to “connect the dots” of prior migrations. See here.

China – Tocharian People - Now Showing
White peoples settled the Western China area at least 1000 years before the presence of the ethnic “Chinese.” These people were called the Tocharians and appear to have been integral in building the silk roads; an achievement once thought “Chinese.” Their remains in the form of 3500 year old white mummies with European DNA started turning up in the late 1970's, rewriting "settled" history. See here.

Ancient Egypt - COMING SOON
Early Egypt appears to have had a large number of white people as part of it's civilization. When you consider where it lies geographically, it is not particularly surprising. It sits on the North end of Africa, just across the Mediterranean sea from southern Europe, and close to the Near East. All of these areas were predominantly Caucasoid in ancient times, and some are largely so today. This chapter ends with actual photos of the many mummies (pharaohs, priests and other royals) who were unwrapped in the late 1800s upon their discovery. Most of these mummies were well preserved and are clearly white/Caucasian people. Many have straight reddish, black or even blond hair.
See here.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I've taken an interest in the blonde, auburn, brown and red-haired mummies from Paracas/Nazca recently. I've not seen a great deal written about them in mainstream sources (not that I've searched exhaustively), which seems odd considering how "common" they are, displayed in full view of the public from what I can tell. I've come across one passing reference to the hair being "dyed" but haven't seen anything substantiating that claim. Have you come across any attempts to explain away the clearly European features of this pre-Columbian population? It seems like a gigantic embarrassment that no one wishes to directly address.

An odd thing, also, is that the Tocharian mummies have received so much press, whereas these South American finds, which are 10x more sensational, receive no notice.

trevor townsend said...

Yes, me too.

Just a few days ago another find supports the primary thesis of this site (and of course many others)....

A "blue eyed" mummy from 700 AD unearthed in Peru.

Google the following article "Pre-Incan female Wari mummy unearthed in Peru"

Quotes from that article...

"They exposed her face, revealing two big, bright blue orbs in her eye sockets."


"It is the first intact Wari burial site discovered at Huaca Pucllana in the capital Lima, and researchers believe it dates from about 700 AD."


these people predated the Inca.

Blue eyes present in Peru over 1300 yrs ago predating the Inca and the MSM basically say "nothing here...just move along."

Yes, the don't want to address it, but we will make them address it. Sooner or later.